All this lovely sunshine has ripened a huge crop of strawberries. We have
already welcomed record numbers of customers in our first 10 days so
we do recommend visiting soon for strawberries especially.
The cafe is full of fresh cakes, scones and ice-cream.

Always check out Fruit to see what's available before your visit.


Hello berry lovers

We are one of Scotland's last remaining outdoor berry farms. Our berries ripen in the sunshine (no extra polytunnel heat) which makes for delicious, sweet berries only available in July & August.

 Hot, hot sunshine has produced a cracking crop of super sweet berries - with no rain on the horizon, it's worth stocking up while they are in abundance. Different varieties of berry ensure we prolong our season well into August. We'll be open until 19th August at least.

See Fruit for more details of what's ripe when.

Our Cafe is open all season from 10am - 5pm.

We look forward to welcoming you for some rich pickings!

Alistair & Harriet Busby